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Route de Monticello

LDT Castelaccio

20220 L'Ile rousse

National company registration: 47863199700010

Professional activity code: 4791B

VAT number: FR 56478631997


Personal information, respect of private life and individual liberties

VLVautoparts has due consideration for law number 78-17 January the 6th of 1978 considering web files and liberties. According to this law you have the rignt to access any form or file and ask for a correction or supression of any piece of information about you. You can ask it directly by mail to We collect nominal information only through your order form, quotation quest form, and contact form. You may not fill all the entries of the form as it is not compulsory but we need a certain number of identification indications such as (name, first name , address, e-mail) in order to treat your order well and follow its good delivery.

Other eventual pieces of information like your answers to questions when joining as a member are useful to meet your personal requirements (personal pieces of advice, special bargain sale...). You remain free not to answer these questions.

When paying thanks to a credit card you are directly led to the secure page of SOGENACTIF which belongs to the Société Générale Bank where all the information you must give such as  (name, card number, ending validity date) are never transmitted to our company by the bank and we have no possible action to get them.

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We are held by a best effort undertaking concerning the information we provide with and we make all the necessary steps to assure the liability of our site. In spite of constant wakefulness and daily update, we cannot incur of responsibility because of technical inacurracies, typographical errors or omissions which the contents of the site can contain or for the results which could be obtained by the usage of this information. If you notice this type of problem you can write to

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Sites directly or undirectly linked with are not under the control of our company. Consequently we cannot incur of any responsability concerning the information given by these sites. The links with third sites are supplied only for convenience and imply no pledge as for their contents.

The violation of one of the copyrights of the work is an offence of liable forgery at the end of the article L.335-2 of the code of intellectual property punished with two years imprisonment and a fine of 150,000 €. VLVautoparts is a registered INPI trade mark (national institute of the industrial property).

Every other trade-marks and brands appearing on our site are the property of the concerned companies.  

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