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Joint, Propeller shaft for volvo 240,245

Pièces pour Volvo

diameter: 74 mm


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VLV autoparts ref : 3520997
Volvo reference : 3520997,1209814

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For the Series 200 and 700 there are various drive shafts that are not exactly assigned, but are distinguished only by shaft types.
In the 200 series up to 1984 there are two types (1140 and 1310) They can be easily determined by the diameter of the front shaft.
Type 1140: 44.5 mm diameter
Type 1310: 50.8 mm diameter

When choosing replacement parts you must pay attention to these differences.

After 1985, there is only the type 03, although this may have have 2 different universal joints! Here, you must measure the width of the universal joint (universal joint diameter).

In the 700-series can be found 3 types:
Type 02: front shaft diameter 44.5 mm
Type 03: front shaft diameter 50.8 mm
Type 13: This type can be determined by measuring the distance from center to center 

Middle universal joint. The distance is
208 mm. (In contrast, the wave type 03 only
106 mm spacing)
Here again it is absolutely important that the correct shaft type is selected when purchasing spare parts.